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Historical Overviewof National Industrial Court

For 25 years, the National Industrial Court (NIC), remained practically moribund. The court sat only in Lagos for those years. It was clearly unknown and its decisions and pronouncements hardly respected.

“On my assumption of office, I realized that there was nothing on record to show how superior the National Industrial court is. Nothing to even make it the court that can meet the yearnings and aspirations of the founding fathers.

“When I came, we were in Lagos in a duplex that was allocated to the court since 1976. Whenever it rained we would not be able to sit because the place was always water-logged.

"That was in 2003. All that have changed now. the National Industrial court is fast wearing new look with the establishment of eight divisions across the country.

“Today, we have established court in 24 divisions and registries. We have our Headquarters building situated in Abuja which is to be completed soon..”---President, Hon. Justice Babatunde Adejumo OFR testified:

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