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NBA Uyo commends Justice Mahmood Namtari for Outstanding Judicial Competence

575 Friday 31st December 2021

The Bar and the Bench have oftentimes been described as Siamese twins, dependent on each other in the quest to sustain and dispense justice. This unique relationship exists in no other profession than the third arm of government- the Judiciary.

The events of the past have justified that it is only by working harmoniously together that the Bar and the Bench can advance the course of justice and promote a just society where Rule of Law would be observed and Human Rights respected.

Monday 22nd November 2021 will continue to serve as a reference point as the Nigerian Bar Association, Uyo Branch led by its chairman, Ememobong Udo Esq with other executives honoured the Presiding Judge of the Uyo Judicial division of the National Industrial Court, His Lordship, Hon. Justice Mahmood Namtari with a letter of commendation for upholding the rule of law and speedy dispensation of justice.

“We hereby write to commend His lordship, for his outstanding judicial competence in the bench and positive contributions to the administration of justice system through the speedy dispensation of justice in your Court, enforcement of professional ethics amongst litigants and law practitioners, and His lordship’s outstanding contributions of knowledge to the Nigerian Bar Association.

“My Lord, you have stood in good character and excellent disposition as a judicial officer worthy of emulation.

“Thus, we highly recommend His lordship's mentorship to the young generation of law practitioners under our branch, confident that they will imbue from His lordship the same divine and dedication to professionalism.” Parts of the letter read